A full life

Well….. something has to give when you have a pretty full life. I’m happy to say and know I do so I’ll just suck it up and say yes my website has suffered and needed more updates and attention. So this is my attempt to pull together my website, link it in with all my Gum road work, my rowing instructor work and generally create a hub where I can work from. The main areas I would like to focus on for this site since it is my personal site are the following:

  •  My Art  – Any lighting, shading, VFX and maybe even talk a little about my day job a little.
  •  Exercise – I have worked out off and on all through my life whether it was at work in construction or now in the gym. Recently within the last 3 years, I became infatuated with indoor rowing. I’m getting certified soon and I’ll talk about all of this and I’ll also load my past blog ” The Healthy Artist”. I liked writing this blog subject and probably will continue on this one for most of the exercise talks.
  •  Portfolio  – A down selected set of images for review and assessment.
  •  Services – An official listing of the freelance services and terms for the art I produce for you!
  •  About – This whole site is an about me/Get to know Garry thing. That’s what about is right? So I’ll help things along so we can get to know each other and possibly work together and I hope to accomplish all of this without seeming to have any ego and ill impressions left. But you never know. I could hurt your feelings, but Im a big boy and I will apologize. You see what kind of a guy I am as this continues. I hope to always provide upstanding and great character. I strive for this in my life and I will undoubtedly be having this spill over in this forum.
  •  Sometimes I will not say a word. I like silence. I believe hard work is in most cases done in silence….well playing loud music, but no talking. Sometimes my other half….talks a lot! So you never know what you’re going to get from me. (haha) If you survey people who are around me you’ll get very mixed perceptions of me. I’ll give ya a hint If I’m trying to talk to ya I like ya. If I stop talking to ya, well I have nothing left to say then.


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