Zbrush Railings Curve Brush "How To"

So this is another short How To video where I cover how to use a Zbrush Brush set I made to create Curve Railings in Zbrush.

I offer them free here:


Arnold Quick render set up P2

Here is the part two of the Arnold videos. The great part I think is that each video is direct and gives a tone of straight info and its only 10 minutes. So you don't waste any time you just get in and learn all the things it took me much longer to figure out and your up to speed after a 10 min video. I like doing this type of thing!

I offer them free here:



Arnold Quick render set up P1

Now more recently when Maya dumped Mental Ray and brought in Arnold I decided to get into Arnold rendering and I a really enjoyed it. So I made a few tutorials to help others out.

I offer them free here:


Zbrush Quick visual frame tutorial

Maybe sometime I'll make this tutorial in video form.

This is a little process I use to make fast models from alphas I like it a lot and you'll see a video from me on this at some point. Really its not all about the button pushing in Zbrush. That's important how it works but what Im really showing you that you can make any type of alpha into a 3d model quickly using this technique. You can then take this technique and apply it to your own projects and make things I probably haven't thought of.

My tutorial on Pluralsite / Digital Tutors

Lets start with the first paid tutorial back when Digital Tutors was doing the "Creatives Series" I had fun. Now it still resides on Plural site . They bought Digital Tutors a few years back.