I have alot to catch up on here. I promised to keep this journey rolling and boy I have been rolling. Im sorry not to have stayed current but thats me. Im always juggling a few too many items at once. The funny part is each thing is important to me, but i just tend to focus one less things at once and i get back to all the hobbies and projects but it takes time.

So if you remember my last entry I mentioned the lull. I threw myself into the efforts of fitness after that last post. I did so by joining each Concept 2 challenge that came. I included the certificates from each below.

Each challenge has its specific purpose and guidelines. The first to come up from C2 was to either do a half or full marathon. So I chose the half marathon and made the goal to beat my previous half marathon row time of over an hour and a half. I accomplished this and I performed a new personal best rowing the half marathon in 1:28:35.6.


The next rowing challenge was the dog days of summer. I dare say I thought this one was easy compared to going to philmont and all the training I had done earlier in 2019. Its 4 weeks long and it gets progressively more difficult each week by requiring 10,000meters then week 2 is 20,000 meters and so on thru 4 weeks. Well doing 40 in one week was more than my average but it wasnt too bad. I was getting back feeling good.


The fall team challenge wasn't bad it was just keeping me on track. I did 100,000meters and that aligned with my personal plan to meet 1 million meters for the season.


The Skeleton Challenge now we started gearing up. It was a fair amount of meters and a short time. I felt pretty good right about here and long distance rowing has never been so easy. IT was getting to be a strength of mine.


Now we get to the meat of the project the time of year when we eat too much and excercise too little....right?

Well the challenge coming up was the holiday challenge and it goes from Thanks giving to Christmas. You choose if youd like to attempt 100,000 meters or 200,000. And once you choose well your locked in. But if you choose the 200K and accomplish it you recieve a special pin and post card from C2. I love those guys they are always inspiring me. I love their rower and the fact that they do this little extra all thru the year  to inspire me is awesome.

Oh and this year is the 20th anniversary for the C2 holiday challenge so the pin is even more special for me. I received on in 2018 and yes I accomplished it this year and I have the pin this year.


So that wraps up 200,000 meters for the holiday challenge and definitly at that point my fitness is feeling great despite the holidays, the food, and the normal traps we all find our selves burdened or challenged or blessed with.

That will be all for todays recap of 2019 and getting back on track and beating that lull. I think its beaten back for the moment.

But look for the next entry because following this challenge is a January challenge and also the atlanta erg sprints and the rest of the 2019-2020 rowing season!

Keep after your journey. I hope mine will inspire and keep you moving forward in your goals and journey forward.

See you soon.

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