Hitting the lull or just a tired time?

Ok, so I have to admit I was hitting a great time building up to a new 2K best. But then I lost it!!

I planned it out the same way I peak in January. I do this by practicing a lot of 1000m races and being consistent. I then test myself once a week on Monday for 3 weeks.

2 weeks ago I did the first of 3 test and I rocked out a 2000m row at a time of 7:15.1

So this is just 2/10ths of a second off of typing with what is my all-time personal best. So i was thrilled with this effort on the 1st of 3 weeks in planning a peak.

Unfortunately week two I called it off. I banged my knee on the car trailer hitch while moving bags of mortar. Well, that week became one of resting. And “the lull” began.

I’m trying to recover now and start back in on this attempt to peak my fitness for the summer. Summer is almost over and I’m tired and I feel the lull in energy. My goal in telling you this is to just state “It happens”. What do I do next? I will row today and start getting some meters under my belt. I will plan out a set of 10 ea 1000m races @ at or below 4 min each!

Finding my way….. Im a scout so I know how to find the way. In life and the wilderness. Its all the same really.

So my message to you today is to go out and just get back to it! Get back on track towards your goal. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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