Last time I gave you 4 new workout programs. I have to say if you haven't tried them yet then they can be hard.

I haven't spoken for a while. Actually, I was training pretty hard all this 2019 first of the year in order to lose weight and reach a minimum required weight for a high adventure BSA camp called Philmont. I went there with my two sons Talon and Nathan. It was a great experience for all of us. But since I started this blog is about health and the journey towards better health, Id likes to get into that.

In order to drop pounds and meet a BMI chart requirement, I was rowing 6 days a week and riding bikes on 1 day. Eating Keto was off and on as much as I could from January till June when the Philmont trip was. So I made down in weight about 30lbs and that was still 14 pounds more than what they were asking me for. Now I'm not an unfit guy I'm working out a lot and I can accomplish a lot in a fitness challenge, but I have been wearing off many years of sitting at a desk and I still sit at a desk all week at work. So I started seeing eating Keto helped tons. Big thanks to my wife Annie for pushing the Keto!  We all know we can't work out enough to lose weight and in our daily life, it is really not easy to lose weight past a certain point by working out. But do we need to work out and does it still keep helping to work out? YES. Duh! Getting fit is always good. And losing weight and getting toned when paired with eating the right foods and the correct portions then it will work.

The correct foods is usually the problem we are all challenged by right? After all fried foods, soda, processed foods are all around us! In order to get in better shape, I row, lift weights and eat meats, cheese vegetables, and I drink water almost exclusively. No soda, no sugar no candy. Now I say that and I would do my best not to cheat but the thing is eventually you'd like to have a PB and J sandwich again. Well, I held off for the 6 months till I went on the trip and I dropped weight, When you have a goal you can't even cheat a little. Think of it that way. A little here and a little there just leads to not reaching the goal.

Now on the trip, we backpacked between 80 and 100 miles we don't have an exact count and I'm trusting my watch which is saying its about 138 miles. Also, we all carried 50+ pound packs. And the hike was every day for about 12 days. Now when we returned to camp I walked in weighing a lot less. I lost another 14 lbs on the trail. If you find it ......keep it I dont want it back...haha. So I weighed 220lbs at the end of this adventure. So you can work out continuously and lose weight! But It's not good for ya I think. I lost some muscle I think because although I lost fat and It showed I also felt weaker by the end of the trip. It was tough and I expected that.

At 220 I feel better and I look different. I still have a little more id like to lose and show off some abs I'm hoping. So I am now working on the next goal. Now I have to gain strength back and get faster for my rowing goals and still keep the fat off. So eating 19 times out of 20 I try to make it healthy in my choices of food. I still plan to eat some pizza and have a candy bar, but I know if I have it I need to make the next one weeks away, and just be smart about how I'm working to get more fit. Never have soda. Maybe a root beer once every month or even every 3 months.  And as far as fitness and working out.... well if I consistently work out and give my all and increase the time and or intensity it's increasing my fitness level.  Gotta keep working on it and get it to shock my system here and there so it benefits me to do it 6 times a week and sometimes I lay off and only do 5 or 4 when I'm out doing activities where I don't eat too much and I'm getting outside.

However you can do it I wish you the best of luck.....but luck won't help you. So I'll tell you the truth. Go bust your ass and then achieve your goal. Then set another goal and start busting your ass again! It is fun. Go have fun and feel good achieving your goals!









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Next time lets talk about the new goal.... the 2000m row!

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