So just a focused talk on new work outs.

I was inspired watching Josh Bridges you tube show episode 21. Josh made a Hero workout for a fallen soldier Will Lindsey. Great workout, great cause. I really appreciate the kind words and working to preserve the memory of men and women who have offered their service and those who have paid for our freedoms.

That felt a little serious and it is, but id like to switch gears now. Ok I’ll switch to a lighter note. So I programmed a workout for each of my sons to start with since they are working out with me throughout the week currently in prep for Philmont.

Workout 1: ” Talon”

2000 meter row (Concept 2 rower preferred!)

5 Devil Press (50lb dum bell in each hand. Start on the floor in a laying burpy ish position. Press up. Swing the dumbells to shoulders. Press dum bells to the sky. Dumbells back to the ground. Try not to drop.)

10 Squats (135 lbs on bar)

Do this for 5 rounds…

The Talon workout has 15 reps not including the rowing. This is how old Talon is so it worked well.

Workout 2: ” Nathan”

2000 meter row (Concept 2 rower preferred!)

60 sec bag work. (Punching bag jab, jab, hook, jab, jab, hook switch lead arm. Jab, jab, hook, jab, jab, hook switch…..

14 Air Squats

Do this for 5 rounds…

The Nathan workout has 14 airsquats since he is 14 and otherwise its just a workout and a time I reflect and dedicate to each of my sons. I am planning to do the same for each of my daughters.

Workout 3: “Kelsie”

Run/Jog/Row 30 minutes for endurance

10 military press at 100lbs

50 pushups

Kelsie runs trails for exercise, and the military press is for her amazing shoulders she got from climbing, and the 50 pushups is a challenge we used to do for awhile when she did Ranger camp in Venturing.

Workout 4: “Desser”

Run/or/Row 1 minute for time

10 kettle bell swings

20 burpees

Run/or/Row 4 minutes for time

Do this for 3 rounds….

I did the rowing for time since I think des is more of a quick burst sort of athlete. And the kettle bell swings and burpees add up to her age. The rowing for time sorta simulates warming up and also that it does get harder as it goes along. Symbolizes a little more. Also if you do this regular it will symbolize how things get easier if you put in the expected effort or more. than expected will get ya there faster.

These workouts are meant for fun and some really do push it. Its all up to you and what weights and speeds you choose in the workout.

Have fun be safe and Im thinking of my kids. Each of them. More often than they know. I just want the most for them. They push me to be better always.

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