Competitive Spirit: Helpful or Hurtful?

The researchers were also looking at something else during the trials — namely how competitive versus cooperative contexts would impact players’ performance. While some participants were told they were playing against two other players in each round, another set of participants were told they were playing with them. Turns out teamwork made a big difference in how well they ultimately performed. In the team-player situations, participants experienced opposite performance effects from the competition scenario: Playing with other rock stars made them raise their game, while playing with low performers tended to drag them down.

For the cyclist:

Now my take on being competitive is simple coming out of the last 7 months preparing for a single race that is once a year. I think competition makes us great. It makes us better than we could on our own. We need to see what others are pushing the limits too. We also need to show others where we have been able to push fitness abilities to another level. So yes I believe in being compeditive and the positive effects that has on our self esteem and confidence.

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