Keeping healthy and training for yourself and for your family.

This is an HDR image I took while climbing/Hiking in Joshua Tree National Forest.

So I started working out with the intention of keeping up with my boys and my daughters on hikes as they became older. Good thing I started early. My younger daughter was in BSA Venturing and we did a few hikes when I was getting rolling fitness-wise, but I wasn’t in very good shape at all. More recently my sons have gotten older and now at 14 and 15 years old, they are able to really push the hiking at a blistering pace. Thankfully I was aware earlier to get ready for this.

So I mention this to all of you Moms and Dads to start now, don’t wait. Youll want to be with the kids more especially as they get older. I know you might be thinking when they are a teenager …..maybe time alone is good….haha. In all seriousness, it takes a good deal of time to really become fit later in life so start today, right now if you can. And be consistent. Don’t kill it the first day, more so let it grow into a habit and do it 5 or 6 times a week. At first, maybe you can only do 3 times a week. That is ok, but know that to be fit enough to maintain your pace in life with teenagers will require the 5-6 days a week and actually dedicate yourself to this so you’ll live longer and see the family grow up.

No don’t forget to bring the significant other along for the ride, but be careful not to drag them kicking and screaming. lol, Let them see its fun and go at their own pace. I say this knowing I’m kinda on the extremist side of nature and when I go I go all in. So I have to tone it down talking to my wife. We share different levels of intensity. And I like that. She is calm and I’m calm, but then when I go to compete I can unleash myself a bit more. And It’s nice I think she knows that and lets me kinda run when I’m trying to push myself. I love pushing it.

So to the current task, my sons and I are heading to New Mexico to the BSA Scout ranch “Philmont” for a 70+ mile hike. This is the goal from a year and a half ago when we signed up and started training with hikes and workouts etc. It will be a good time and now that each of us is in good shape I think we will enjoy it more. Hiking has become easy so it allows us to be able to be more aware of our surroundings now.

If you can get in shape and do things with your family, kids, wife, etc…… DO IT! you’ll gain better experiences and have more fun that you thought you would as you contemplated it from the couch. All the couch thinking leads to boring, sluggish, depressive nuthin.

Get off the couch and go see the world. It is out there and it’s up to you to show your family.

Or else they will go see it without you.

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