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Welcome back!  Let’s talk about Being Competitive

As we come up to Feb 16, 2019, it’s the Atlanta Erg Races that  I have on my mind and I’ve been training for since last July. This will be my third year competing and although a lot of people show up and you row all at the same time in the same age group…. you know your biggest Rival is always there. Your biggest competitor is you. Your racing against your best time and your best effort. And all of your training and effort has to come together on that one day at the time of the race.

Oh my god, I just described an athlete! Yes at this point all of us training in this manner are athletes in my mind. I believe if your regularly training and your making gains in your discipline….. then you are an athlete baby! I only wish for myself that I had of started this earlier in life I would have liked to row in college. I would have been pretty good I think.

The mental conditioning:

So we move into the mental conditioning that coincides with the regular workouts. Rowing is a good sport for tracking because it links to your watch, and to the rowing machine and all of that is tracked online. So we take all this online data and determine how was my time on the 2000m race over this season for example? When I compare it I start to see trends over certain months. I get faster in July and August and then drop down and then I get faster again coming up to November December. Then I really kick in the training after the holidays for the Race in January February time frame of the year. I also see more similarities as I compare each year with the past years. Now, why would I do all this comparing and tracking? Well, for one thing, it gives you the confidence to see the same thing happening each year around the same time. Most likely its due to work school and other of life’s interactions and how that affects you physically.  So I start seeing this is normal and i see where i will speed up. And if I don’t see the speed up I know I can do it because the data shows i already did and I push it to be better. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy. You just know and you believe and mentally you’re becoming more prepared each year, each month, each day you row. You know what to expect.

So mentally I can start setting exactly when I want to try for PBs and it becomes easier to hit the PB due to knowing I have the training time in and I know its time to push the envelope!

Skipping ahead in time. I wrote this piece earlier in the month. Its now Feb 8 and Im wrapping up my 3rd week of baselines on Mondays and a whole training plan specifically for the 4 weeks leading up to the race.

Essentially I did a 2K race each Monday and recorded all the info for the past 3 weeks and then all week long i did weights workouts and shorter races to get that race speed up.


Monday Row 2K warm up, 2K Baseline race pace, 2K cooldown.

Weighted Row machine 100lbs 2 sets of 10 reps

Weighted Row machine 200lbs 2 sets of 10 reps

Leg Press 280lbs 2 sets of 10 reps

Leg Press max-ish  625lbs 2 sets of 5 reps

Tuesday Row 2K @80%, 3-5 times, or 1K 7-10 times @ 80%

Wednesday Sprint intervals with a buddy, Tony, 1K at race pace 5 times.

Thursday break

Friday Deadlifts Variable

Row 5K broken into 2K’s or 5 1K’s

Weighted Row machine 100lbs 2 sets of 10 reps

Weighted Row machine 200lbs 2 sets of 10 reps

Saturday Row 10K broken up in 2Ks or 1Ks but only at 80%

Sunday 5K broken into 2Ks or 1Ks

At the end of 3 weeks my results are:

WK1 –  2K= 7.38.5     DF=133     28=SPM     1:54.5=AvgPace     233=AvgWatts

WK2 –  2K= 7.20.8     DF=136     30=SPM     1:50.2=AvgPace     262=AvgWatts

WK3 –  2K= 7.14.9     DF=136     30=SPM     1:48.7=AvgPace     272=AvgWatts

So it’s my last 2 days of heavy practice before Tapering. All of next week.

Tapering is still a bit of a new thing for me so I’m still trying to figure out how it best works for me. Currently, I plan to Follow a similar version of what UCanRow2 offers. Sorry, I can’t find the link currently.

Essentially Monday I row a 5K, Tuesday I do 5 1K intervals at race pace or just under, then Wednesday a 60% 5K, and Thursday I do a 30-40% 5K, Friday nothing just stretch. And Saturday the Race. There is a whole plan for the Race day I’ll share it after the race. It’s the same as I used last year with a small twist in my approach to the Race I’ll pull a higher pace after only 5 strokes in. I plan to maintain that high pace with a lot of power/Watts. And in the last 500m I will push it even farther! So yes you heard it go fast the whole race and then sprint… mindblowing right… lol

But seriously after rowing the race so many times its the numbers I will push toward my specific ability. So I’m pushing where I know I can maintain, but its painful, then ill push it where I can make it but I can’t maintain any more than just the race. It’s not all strategic, but it’s more of an educated strategy.  The whole goal this year is to break into the 6min barrier. I’d be happy even with 6:59.5.    I need to go 15 seconds faster than ever before…….

Wish me luck and I’ll see ya soon!

Garry – Kungfujackrabbit

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