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Welcome back!  Let’s talk about “The Concept 2 Monthly Rowing Challenges!”

So I’m a little behind on this one I covered the Concept 2 Fall Challenge But I haven’t said anything about it since then. So I participated in the Skeleton Challenge also in October. I completed it as did my wife and my training buddy at work “Tony” you remember I think I mentioned Tony previously in the blog.

Its been great seeing my wife and seeing Tony both taking on these challenges with me. We have had others at work in our rowing team do a challenge or two so I hope to see them getting on the challenges thru the year. But as for my wife Annie, and me and Tony I think we are going to do all of the challenges. Its just fun!

So Back to the Skeleton Challenge. It was a smaller challenge only 31,000meters but it was only in about 7 days. So you had to keep it up. Great challenge and I’m proud we all accomplished it.

Now the Holiday Challenge is in full effect I’m actually writing this blog entry and its 11/28/18. The Holiday challenge started on the 24th…Thanksgiving of all days I guess fitness vs turkey? So On this challenge, the rules or goal is to row 100K between 11/22/18 and 12/24/18 and if you make the 100k concept 2 donates 2 cents for each meter you rowed to a charity you pick from their list. Now there is a crazy part of this challenge. You can choose to row twice as much, 200,000meters in that time period and if you make it then they donate twice as much so 4 cents per every one of your meters.

Needless to say, I’m trying for the 200K this year! Why? well, I’m already training for the upcoming Atlanta ergs and its holiday time so you know the food will be “bad” so why not its for a charity and its for me and my fitness. So hell yeah. After 6 days into the challenges, I have 50,000meters already and I still plan to row sprints with Tony today so I should have 55K by the end of the day at least.


Straining the body:

Ok so I have to admit I have rowed a few times in the past where i rowed a lot in a short time and it does take a toll. So you have to be careful

Eat right, meaning good foods and not sugars and bread and carbs. Get only the least amount of carbs you can in order to keep up energy but still get fit. And rest or sleep enough. Your body will literally need time to repair. TV watching time doesn’t really count either. And finally, de-stress. Don’t work your body really hard and stress it during a time when life stress is heightened.

So get signed up and do the challenges, Start today even if it’s in the middle of a challenge just start and get moving!

Thank you as always for ready thru my writings here I hope it is helping you in some way.  As much as it is helping me just to write it and do what I am saying.

Next Time: Being a Compeitive spirit.

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