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Welcome back!  Let’s talk about “Post workout ” what to do?

For sore muscles I really recommend just having a Protein shake in the morning and after your workout . Within 30 minutes after your work out to be specific. Now for all of you out there that think NO i dont want a protein drink….. I’ll bulk up and I dont want to be bulky. I have heard this argument several times and lets be honest here you will not get bulky. Most likely if your a thin guy or girl you could drink protein shakes in the morning and after your workout for a year and your body type still wont get bulky. Its just not that easy. So please dont make a silly excuse like that it shows lack of education, and looks like an excuse.  I truly have to admit when a coworker of mine told me no i dont wanna bulk up I had to work really hard not to laugh at his 137lb skinny butt. I really wanted to say “dude you couldnt get “bigger” if you tried. Which isnt true, but it was all in humor and I decided not to say anything that might be construde as not humor and offend.

Static stretching (Think: bend and hold) is best reserved for after your workouts. A comprehensive review published in The Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports concluded that pre-exercise static stretching can reduce levels of strength, power and explosive performance during the subsequent workout. When performed immediately after your workouts, however, static stretching can help you cool down, increase muscle relaxation and potentially get tight muscles back to their resting length.” -MapmyFitness

“Instead of stretching begin preworkout limbering. In other words limber up and warm up the muscles by performing less taxing movements including jumps, knee lifts hip swivels, Boxing floor work, and range of motion flywheels.”

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