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Welcome back!  Let’s talk about “Lifting to increase leg strength for Rowing”

I promised to look at lifting to help rowing and we will cover the main lifts to help your strength in just that. Remembering that rowing works 80% of the muscles in your body right? So we have alot of areas to focus on and alot of areas to improve.

First the Dead lift

Leg Press

Back Squats

Bent over rows

Rowing bench and military press

Now let’s talk about the schedule: I plan these lifting exercises alongside of my rowing workout all week long. Does that mean sometimes I skip the weights? Let’s be honest…. yes sometimes I’m a slacker and I don’t do it.  But sometimes you need to know the difference between when your feeling lazy and when you need a break to rebuild your body. Also known as “Rest”.  Here is a link to an interesting article on working out more than once in a 24 hour period. Youll need to decide for yourself how often and how hard you can train.

I’d like to add a little more here that rowers seldom talk about. Upper Body strength! We have seen really interesting results from several guys that honestly must have skipped leg day. But the times they “pulled” on the erg were astounding. That upper body can be made to do more than the perceived rowing rule of 60% Legs, 30%Hips, 10% Arms. So I like to keep this in mind when I think about weights and lifting. You need a good balance just like with anything. So don’t forget to really work the arms and shoulders using some of the following:

Bent over rows

Military Press

Arnold Presses

Shoulder / Chest press

Farmers Carry

So that’s a general overview of what I believe. Lifting weights is necessary to grow stronger and if you’re worried about getting too big…. don’t worry most likely your not able to. Yes, I say that in a challenge! I recently had a little skinny guy tell me he didn’t want to lift weights and get big. I thought of Arnold Schwarzenegger saying when people would say “they didn’t want to look like him!” His reply was not to worry “you won’t”

Most people aren’t able and it’s usually used as an excuse to not lift. Lifting can make you skinny by growing muscle and eating fat simple as that.

Next time Post workout ” what to do?

See ya soon,


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