The Healthy Artist – Vol.0011

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Welcome back!  Let's talk about first...... How the Dogs Days challenge on the Concept2 logbook site wrapped up?!

It went pretty well and I ended the challenge with 119,279m. So it was successful and a lot of fun completing it with my wife and also with my rowing buddy at work Tony.

Dog Day challenge ending stats

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
23,116m 22,207m 32,013m 41,943m



Now let's get into how to plan to get better, faster, stronger.... “Programming the workouts to step up times and hit goals.”

We talked about planning and progress. And I mentioned failures. We are past that now. Not to say there won't be failures but when a time isn't met it just moves to a folder I consider is contributing to my "meters makes champions" category. So its all for a good cause I think.

• So first I have a list of all the races I feel I am trying to improve on.

• Then list all my Personal Best times.

• Then the hard part.....What are the best times I'm hitting this season?

• Next we list what I want to hit for improvement times each month.

Distance My PB's Season best Aug Goal Sept Goal Oct Goal Nov Goal Dec Goal Jan ATL Ergs Rank in GA by age Current   in Ga by age Rank WW by age BEAT the BEST
100m 00:17.0 0 0:15.7        DJ 0:16.4 0 13.2
500m 01:35.0 0 DJ  1:27.7 01:17.3
1,000m 03:27.7 03:37.4 2 DJ 3:30.7 02:59.3
2,000m 07:16.2 07:34.8 1 203 06:22.9
5,000m 19:17.9 19:41.4 19:28.1 2 18:59.0 273 16:30.5
6,000m 24:04.8 1 120 20:22.4
30:00.0 7,222m 0 7508 0 8953m
10,000m 40:04.4 41:57.2 1 282 34:45.2
01:00.0 314m 400 3 DJ   351 81 399m
04:00.0 1,102m 2 DJ 1144 26 1268m
21,097m _1:32:17 _1:32:17 2 _1:30:54 132 _1:15:25
42,195m _3:19:28 0 0 _2:47:02.3


This months Challenge from Concept 2 is the Fall challenge. You can find all the challenges here.

The Fall challenge is almost over but you will see the Skeleton Challenge coming up next. There are a few back to back challenges this time of year, but not all year. I believe this back to back challenge sort of coincides with a strong training portion of the year. So do ing these challenges should help every one row more and keep a high level of Training on the rower for the upcoming races. Every meter helps. And don't forget you can also keep the long-term goal to hit 1 million each season as well. That's fun just to keep in the back of your head and say did I do enough meters this month?

The Fall challenge is to row 100k in 30 days. It ends on the 15th of Oct, and I will easily complete the 100K today. I'm about 5100 meters away. Now you can shoot for 200K for the month but I knew this month I always attend the Zbrush summit so I took it easy and went for the 100k goal.

That's not entirely true when I say I took it easy I'm still trying to beat the times I listed above. I expect each month to see improvement or I will increase /change the training.

What else can you do to evaluate your progress?

Well, I look up past rows of the distance I'm looking to improve upon such as the 10K. I compare the best one I've ever rowed against the recent ones. So I look at what the strokes per min avg were in each stretch of the race, I also look over the watts and the pace. Then I look over the chart from Concept 2 that lists what your time will be at each pace and each race.  You can find the pace chart here



Looking at your info from the last race, just pick a pace you want and try to hold it and know never to drop below where your pace was before. Each time you do this I call it "tuning in". I get more comfortable. I get more confident. And after a number of trys, I find I have it in the bag so to speak!











That's not saying its easy....hehe. Nothing challenging is easy the first time.


Next time we talk about ..... "Lifting to increase leg strength for Rowing"

and soon we should really talk about stretching after injuries or well just stretching to prevent injuries. It really has been helping!


See you soon!


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