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Welcome back! Come share in my journey. Through failures and we are planning for success!


Continuing where I left off lets talk about……..How to train for the upcoming years Races!

We are entering the 3rd year I’ll plan on attending the Atlanta Erg races. The first year I was at the bottom of the pack. This year I was near the middle. Now its time to move up and get in the front of the pack. Shooting to overtake or do better than “the Best” has always worked for me in the past. It might not always turn out how you think it will or even want it to, but every time I use this method I always do well. Sometimes I even take the number one spots as I’ve designed. But either way a positive outlook and strong will to strive for better and work hard is the key.

Let’s focus this on Rowing now. In rowing its commonly said “meters makes champions“. I love this little saying and it applies to my own beliefs I’ve just described to you.  So this is where a million meters a year challenge really comes in. You cant eat an elephant in one bite but you can take many many small bites from the elephant and accomplish the feat of eating it. I have never eaten an elephant but you get the point of the saying. I plan each season to actively track my meters thru the concept 2 website and row about 20-25Kilometers a week. That’s a 5K five days a week and you can do it in 19 minutes or you can relax and do it in 30. But its still one more bite out of the elephant.


Why 5K a day? Well, the 5K is an easy number and actually more than I need per day. But in the first 2 years of my rowing, I could only row at work. I didn’t have a rower. So I had to plan around weekends and all the holidays we wouldn’t be open at work and heck I miss days here and there as well where work is just too heavy and I have to go home before rowing. So I planned for 20-25K a week and that adds up to 100K a month and in 10 months time, you’ll have a million. Now don’t get lazy after hearing that. Remember all the holidays and weekends and let’s not forget cold season or any time the kids and family need you. You need to start the season and stay dedicated without neglecting Family, work and well Life! The million meter challenge is putting in the meters and it will help you to build the experience and skill to get faster, fit, and have a little competitive fun.  Then there are the concept 2 website page competitions which are fun and push you a little as well.


Here are a few links for you to look over and use:  Join the challenges and let that drive you.  go buy a rower here if you like.   Great community here you will love this.    Sign up for your free logbook and track yourself for years. Oh, and did I mention they give you SWAG when you reach big milestones like every million meters? Oh yeah!


So as I mentioned I had a race plan going into the Atlanta Ergs this year. So now I also need a plan for training throughout the year before the next erg races. The goals this year is row and gain experience being effective in my rowing stroke, and grow stronger.  Both of these goals contribute to the main goal to row a time breaking into the 6 minutes. That could be 6:59.9 and Id even be happy with that….lol

How are we going to do it?!?

#1 Being consistent:

I’ll be rowing a minimum of 20-25K per week so I’m getting in the meters practicing my from and looking for my efficiencies and my weaknesses.

#2 Motivated:

• I’m signing up for rowing instructor training,

• Keeping track of my PBs

• Keeping track of the concept 2 logbook page seasonal rankings.

• Keeping track as well of the rankings at my local gym (which is at work).

• I’ll also be signing up to do a minimum of 2 or 3 of the concept 2 challenges in the 2018/2019 season.

• I’m looking for another erg race to attend regularly in the mid-season to offset my training. I’ve found the race list hard to find and follow. If I find races ill post them in this blog.

• I’m still doing Thursday sprint day with Tony!

#3 Plan out the numbers:

I want to hit in races this year and schedule when I’m focusing on that race and try to “tune in” as I call it and beat the time I want.

#4 Plan out nutritional goals:

As I mentioned I tried out Keto with my wife late in 2017 into January 2018. I’m trying to stick as close to this diet type as I’m comfortable with. Mainly at a high level, I eat meat, cheese and I avoid all grains. I also avoid sugar, but I have done that for a while. Then I also try to avoid eating after 8 pm. And I keep a loose tracking of the calories I burn each day and what I eat. I don’t take a lot of time on this. I should, but id rather focus on the workouts. I gradually increase my food knowledge and tracking each year.

#5 Adding in more:

• Lifting (track my PBS on this too)

• Bike days

• focused Elyptical attack work out

• Run day

• CrossFit open

• Family Marathon row over Thanksgiving.

• And anything else to do a one day shock to my rowing system throughout my training. Legs, hips, and arms will be getting bigger and thus times rowing should be better. We will see how this theory pans out.

#6 I’ll be taking the list of weaknesses from the #1 item in this list above.

• This is where I am consistently tracking my rowing. I’ll start taking each weakness and plug that hole in my skill set.


These are highlights and I take these items I’ve listed and made a week by week plan to follow.  You may have to adjust to be flexible and plan out what is accomplishable without getting too wrapped around the axle.



Next time we talk about …..Building my training class. Or mid-year progress I haven’t decided yet.

Then in an upcoming blog ill cover:  Plugging the holes in my skillset, or fixing my weaknesses. I should know the weaknesses now and halfway thru the season in August/September.


See you soon!


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