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Continuing where I left off “the Atlanta Ergs race in February 2018.”

This was my second year attending the Atlanta Erg races and I decided to sign up for the 2000 meter race. Id call that the standard race myself. And I added in the 500-meter open class race “for fun”. I didn’t realize at first that open class meant that the college-age guys in the little spandex rowing uniforms would be competing. And you know what those spandex uniforms represent? Well your brave enough to wear that then you must be an athlete ….lol

So I did better in the 2000meter standard race this year I moved up into the middle of the pack and not the bottom. And Of course we get a crowd roaring during a race and I hit a PR. I knocked my personal best on the 2000m New PB time 7:16.2, two minutes and 16 seconds! I hadn’t seen that sort of times as of yet and I began dreaming of moving into the 6-minute area. But that’s a story for later.  The 2000 meter race was early in the morning and I had all day to wait till the 500m open class race in the afternoon. No problem I liked watching the races and then having time to go eat and recoup. A big plus as well is that I knew I had already placed my order and I was receiving one of the Race rowers after the races were done that day. So I needed to wait around regardless. The end of the day came and the 500-meter race was less intimidating I knew I wasn’t going to be the fastest as I sat down next to the 20-year-old fellas wearing spandex uniforms after all they were probably more aerodynamic….hehe.

So I came in with a plan on the 200meter race and I had a plan for the 500mewter race as well. I’ll share the plan I don’t believe in hiding this sort of thing. On the 2000m I set my drag at about 147 –> I sprint start the first 10-15 strokes which takes me into about 100-150 meters @ 1:39 split. –> Then I settled in for a 1:44- 1:48 split at 29 SPM.  –> I break the race down into 250m increments and my coach (Tony) yells at me at each 250-meter segment a different word. Confident, Rythm, Stay on PACE, Then “Long Legs”. At the point, where Tony he says Long Legs I know I’m at 850meters left in the 2000m race and I focus on the legs push and strength. I raise up to increase Watts to 320-350 at 28 SPM. Not terribly easy halfway thru the race, but Id practiced this over about 50 2000m races in training and about another 100 races of 1000meter all leading up in the training to this race.  Now as I get to 300meters left I focus on Power Watts and long lengths or lengths of my stroke. Next, at 200meters left in the race, I increase even further on the Stroke race from 32 to 40SPM or as much as possible I’m not sure where I hit during the race but I was cooking!  For the last 100 the Keyword from Tony was GO and at that point, I just put into my mind I empty the gas tank give everything and it’s not going to change the race but it might. Or it might keep my spot. After all who else will be increasing in their plan as the race goes down.  My personal best in the 2000m was a great feeling. The same plan only scaled down was applicable to the 500meter and I hit a PB on there too. New 500m PB time 1:35.0. That one I was surprised because I did better against many of the younger men I was expecting to be faster. I definitely see the older mens skill as a huge advantage. Rowing skill makes a difference against age and power…. wow blowing my mind, but it’s true. More on that later..

So at the end of the races, they sold off all the 60 Concept 2 rower machines and one was mine! My very own concept 2 rower. I tried to get the one I actually set my PR on but I gladly accepted the one next to it.   So only a day of use on these rowers and I was taking one home.







Next time we talk about the upcoming rowing preparations and how to train for the upcoming years Races!


See you soon!


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