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I’m thrilled your back! Come share in my journey thru failures and hopefully we see some success!

Continuing where I left off …..As promised I rowed a lot and in November I hit some PRs Then it got interesting. My sprint partner for…. man how long? Wait let’s take a side step.

So in rowing a lot, I am now competing on a board at work more intensely and it’s a great daily motivator to coincide with the Concept 2 rankings to really push you. One afternoon while walking into the gym to dominate the rower time i was caught in the hall. A fellow coworker who has also been competing with my 5K time calls out “No ! you sonovah Bit@%!  Well, its Tony who ill refer to more from now on. He was also coming to the gym to row. And he knew I was getting there first and therefore had claimed to the rower time. So as an act of kindness I said lets share or take turns and we will do a set of 500m intervals.

That day was a great inspiration and we have scheduled Thursday as “Sprint Day” ever since. Tony is now my rowing buddy and has driven me further due to his journey in rowing as well. Sprint days consist of a total 5k distance for each of us, Tony and me. And we break it up alternating one person on for a 500meter race, then 1 minute to change rowers and then the next guy rows 500meter. Always for a competitive time and always knowing you have to row 10 of these 500meter races yourself in the end. So we do have to set a pace.


The goal of a million meters I mentioned in my last post requires a little more explanation. The rowing season starts May 1st and ends in April the following year. To row, 1 million meters is a standard achievement for rowers so I decided to try. I planned it out to where if I row 5k a day for 4-5 times a week I have some le-way near the end of the year and around vacations times when I didn’t have access to a rower at home to make 1 million before the time limit date at the end of the Season in April.

So I’m going to move thru time a little quicker here and hit some highlights.

In 2016-2017 season I did hit a million meters!

In fact for the 2016-2017 season I hit 1,019,277 meters

Then for the 2017-2018 season I hit 1,143,407 meters



Skipping ahead further In October, November, and the first weeks of December 2017 I found a steady gain to a peak in my rowing. In Prep for the ATL ergs, we began doing repeated  1000 meter races and really knocking down the time. So I was speeding up. I also took a class from an Olympic rower during a trip to L.A and she gave me tips on racing, tips on my technique. Or lack of, in my case… lol

Near the end of December, I went Keto with my wife and soon after became pretty sick. I dont think it was the keto flu I think it was the real flu. So after fighting that off rowing times and amount of meters put in really suffered over Christmas into the first couple weeks of January. I did become kinda keto till the 22nd of January when I thought “thats enough”. I took the last 2 weeks before the Atlanta ergs and ate clean but I wasn’t keto. I ate carbs and I trained a lot. 1 race a week was a 2000m to see where I was standing. The rest were 100meter races to increase my body’s tolerance and speed and leading me to the race.

That leads us to the Atlanta Ergs race in February 2018. (I hope the time jumps didn’t confuse you too much.)


See you soon!


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