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Welcome back! Come share in my journey thru failures and hopefully we get to some success!

Continuing where I left off…..My first Atlanta Erg Races.

I had no idea what to expect racing at Georgia Tech college and racing in my age group for the standard 2000 meter race. Just one race right? So I only signed up for one race and just jumped in and decided to go for it. So you wait for the race line up and its under 8 minutes of pain and glory…. lol    So it’s over so quick. But it doesn’t feel like that during the race. I get set up and I’m hoping I set the right drag factor I’m still learning how fast can I be?  Next, to me all around me are fellas I think look old and Im feeling pretty good about my odds all of the sudden.  – Wrong!

02/04/17 2,000m 7:35.2 1:53.8 This official race was taken at the Atlanta Erg Sprints 2017

Remember this was the first year rowing. And for all of you now wondering….yes I’m writing this from memory trying to bring you into where I started. Forgive me but I definitely didn’t think I would become the rowing junky I am today when I first started. I think it is important to show where I came from though. Hopefully, it helps you to get over your own hurdles and maybe “get there quicker” after all the more you know the faster you can achieve because you know the way.  At this point in the story though I had read the concept 2 website and began following several youtube rowers for instruction but otherwise I was untrained.

Don’t go into rowing, CrossFit, and that type of thing thinking you can assess others skill and fitness. Because in the end, it’s their training and skill and mental fortitude that make the difference in my opinion.  Next to me in the 2017 erg races, is a gentleman in my age group and he has a coach. Something I hadn’t thought of even yet. And it looked as if it was his son as the setup went along and I was noticeably distracted. I tried to concentrate and focus in on this first race. As soon as the race started ……..The guy’s son next to me began to yell at his father as his coaching method and I was surprised, distracted and losing it! I lost focus right after the first 100 meters sprint start of the 2000meter race and that was it. I just rowed “all out” trying not to die for the rest of the race. All technique was out the window!

So I blew it in the best possible way for me. Why? Because, I set a new personal best but ended up near the back of the pack. The new 2000m PR I set was 7:35.2 . Not bad but I was near the back of the pack. Let’s be honest no one wants to lose.

So first races accomplished and already thinking this is awesome I gotta do better for next year. So I began a training program to hit 100K a month and work towards that 1 million meters in a year and the thought is “meters makes champions”.

So there you have it all I knew was right there and I was soaking up the knowledge and rowing as much as possible to get the experience.


Let’s talk real quick about these youtubers I want to specifically endorse as my go to video even today is Cam Nichols break down of the 2000m race. It’s great!

Now the regular for tips on rowing is Dark Horse Rowing



See you soon!



Whats coming up next? ……So let’s skip forward after many hours and meters and I’ll pick this up in November 2017.

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