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Hey Great to have you back!

I then spent the next year walking past the gym, at work, and going home and driving my family to a gym. Spin class was fun, but we attended at least one or two days a week and it did not really fit into our family lifestyle then. My kids were young and I didn’t want to lose another 2.5 hours each night going home, driving to the gym, and then working out then driving back home all before having dinner with the family….. uh needless to say it didn’t work.

Well not to end this on a negative note, but I spent the next few years floundering. I hit the gym at work a little and I hit the spin class with my wife and daughter.  Results did little to nothing other than decreasing my decline into sluggishness.

All along I worked a lot and managed the studio as Art Director and then Creative Director.

I needed a goal, but I didn’t know it.


So last time I told you where things started about 17 years ago after starting college beginning to learn 3D VFX. Generally it led to a lot of long hours and began to hurt my health. I tried working out and nothing really did the trick. I started lifting weights and I knew I liked hitting goals. I got back to being pretty regular at the gym at work. I began to use the Concept 2 rowing machine a little more, but I was still floundering and not losing any weight really. And then I began to fall in love with the rowing machine a little. Lets just admit it you love and hate certain things and the rower is one of those things. I don’t usually have the hate side with regards to rowing though, I know if I don’t bust a time……. it’s my own fault.  And that is how i fuel my fire. I am driven and competitive, but I like to keep it a little low key and try to stay humble. So I notice I like rowing and I’ve been doing it for a little while trying to learn technique and just not be an idiot. About a year goes by and I’m making decent times and I’m competing a little more on the board at work. Now keep in mind I was just beginning to use the rower and although I hit a new time here and there i only used the rower once or twice a week. In fact, I had to travel a lot in the first year of rowing and I had two colds I remember really affected me during that time. So in recap travel and work stress is bad. We have to do something about that. I began to be pretty regular working out despite the travel and the sickness. My health was part of why i was getting sick by the way. I was just unhealthy enough to not be able to fight off things like a tough cough that lasted for about a month and a half.

But I continued and I tried to figure out what could work better. and that’s what you want to know right! Whats the secret? So I got healthy enough to do a mile swim with my son at scout camp, and a 5-mile hike all in one day. I figured after that hell I can take on the next challenge. Then last year in July 2016 I notice the Concept 2 page online has instructions on how to prepare to do a marathon on the rowing machine. The page on the rowing machine site gave a detailed plan covering how to build up your rowing over 3-4 months in preparation for a marathon on the Concept 2 rower.

Here is that link:

By the way, a Marathon on the indoor rower is no different than running a marathon in distance at least. The jury is still out debating which is harder. Truthfully if you can do a marathon in either capacity… then you own it! Who cares how you did it. Anyways the marathon is 26 miles and some change. On the rower, everything is measured in meters so that distance is equal to 42,195 meters. Or as I will refer to it…. A long damn way. So back to my story. I began with the plan just as it says “Complete at least ten 10,000 meter pieces over two months.” I figure if nothing else it’s good practice and a goal even if I don’t make it. I made a calendar I’ll share and for the first 2 months or so I started trying to build up and do a 10k row 8 -10 times. I also decided to start rowing 2-4 times a week.


See you soon!