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 As a VFX Artist I spent a good 17 years sitting learning studying working to get into the industry and get make that career happen. As I reached a certain point I realized I made two drastic mistakes.

  1. ) I needed to make more family time so I fixed that. (Lets chat about my wife, my four kids, and 3 grand children at another time, but not yet)
  2. ) Anyways simply put I let my health go. I weighed as much as 269 lbs and wasn’t healthy.

So I found myself working out again and it didn’t do much other than take up time. I felt better but I needed to eat better, get sleep and workout with goals in weightlifting and in cardio and endurance training. I didnt eat better and I spent a year on the elyptical mostly 3 times a week and added in weights on those 3 times a week. and I dropped 28 lbs and felt better, but kinda the same actually. Not really more fit but I worked out and there was a result. When I didn’t work out the result started fading quickly.

Heart beat monitors


I tried out my wife’s polar watch and checked the heart rate monitor and used that and the distance to really track how I was progressing. Now that part I liked! And I found it useful to determine during a workout “how hard am I working” and am I having a slump day or sometimes hitting in the 180 on HB I knew it was time to back off. You know sometimes your excited and driven and you forget how bad of shape your body is in since your getting back into it and think “I’m doing really well!” Well no your really not your not being very smart and control of yourself is what you need to recover. So working out regularly taught me that. Especially after those Gung Ho days the following day you might not be able to even work out properly.

I have a gym right next to my office at work and its easy to get to at the end of the day. I prefer working out at the end of the day rather than the beginning. I tried mornings. but Im an artist at heart and I dislike getting up and working out. So I spent a year doing that and I was learning essentially to be consistant and make time for health. But I wasn’t get healthy very quickly.

I hope you enjoy hearing this and will follow me as I catch you up to the here and now in my next post.

See you next time,

Garry “kungfujackrabbit”

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