Meggitt Training Systems   (Formerly FATS)

2004 to Present         Fulltime

Fats was purchased by Meggitt in 2006-07. So Essentially I worked for Meggitt 14+ years

I began work at Fats as a Lead 3D VFX Artist. I was promoted to Art Director, I was later promoted to Creative Director. Essentially I am the studio manager for the 3DVFX department. I provide all estimating, Scheduling, Training, all personnel issues, including hiring and firing, and budgeting for the department.

When time and projects permit I am not only art director still but I join in production on occasions to lead the technology. Currently I 3D model in Maya, Max, and Zbrush. I texture and create shaders in Photoshop, Substance and create shaders for Mental Ray, Arnold, Renderman. I also Edit and composite for video projects and marketing campaigns internally. I also use the following game engines in great detail Unreal, Cry Engine, SDS engine, and VBS engine. My main efforts recently include integrating Face ware tech to capture facial animation and drive characters in Unreal. I also am integrating Vive technology, Xsense motion capture, and greenscreen technologies into the companies pipeline.




Layer 16

Shepherds Pie Productions

2003-2004    Fulltime

I was the Lead 3D Artist here and worked on the Animated feature "Summer camp" I managed artists as well as performed 3d Nurbs modeling, Texturing, Shading, Training for the team and concepting during story development.


Fearless Eye Animation

2002-2002    Fulltime

Created 3D models and videos for Sprint, Kansas City Chiefs, and others. I was a 3D visual effects artist here working in Maya. For the sprint projects, I did everything from client meetings to #D modeling to compositing on the Velocity system and editing.

Fearless eye started an offshoot company building stadiums in 3D I was promoted to 3D project manager and I built Sports stadiums once again for a while.


Digital FirePower

Hollywood California

2000    On Contract

Created Hero building 3D models for the City Scene. Then I made a second version for after the dragons destroyed the city. Great time great people. I made 3D models, Textures for the film including the large tower that later showed on the DVD. More turrets were added for the DVD version. But then I moved on.


IMDB_Garry_E_LewisDungeons & Dragons Poster

kungfujackrabbit Garry E Lewis 3D Modeling

Heinlein Schrock Architects.

Kansas City Missouri

1998-1999    Intern -Fulltime

I started off like most Architecture student and I was a redline grunt for about 2 months. I decided to show the owners I could do more I made several 3D examples and made a interactive CD which at the time was big news. After that I spent the rest of my time as an intern and as summer help only building in 3D! I worked on Miami Heat stadium, Columbus Ohio Hockey Stadium, Seattle Mariners Stadium, and several others. And I never did another Red line Autocad job!.

Since then they were purchased by HOK.