chess set i made for a UE4 game.

"Participant of CGTrader Digital Art Competition"

kungfujackrabbbit, Render Pretty Button Application, Garry E. Lewis
kungfujackrabbit Garry E Lewis 3D Modeling
kungfujackrabbit Garry E Lewis 3D Modeling
kungfujackrabbit Garry E Lewis 3D Modeling
kungfujackrabbit Garry E Lewis 3D Modeling
kungfujackrabbit Garry E Lewis 3D Modeling
kungfujackrabbit Garry E Lewis 3D Modeling

3DVFX - Generalist


A short set of images I feel represent what I currently can show in my portfolio.

All work In the images is solely my own.

Modeling, Texturing, Shading, Lighting, Compositing, Rendering, Rigging, and Animation


3DVFX - Lighting TD


I'm compiling a set of Lighting examples specifically for portfolio reference. Well specifically for the example of who Id like to work on projects with. lol

Anyhow I thought it would be clearer to have a specific portfolio on lighting since its a focus of mine. I hope you enjoy. And if your hiring for lighting and such please call me!


My Lighting Series using the traditional examples.

Add Lighting

So over time, the several iconic render examples you'll see here have been used. It's been have been prevalent in our industry.


And to that, I think we can call these "standard" examples to exhibit lighting skills and techniques.

I wanted to keep it simple and show how no matter what I could throw into each scene it would work consistently. I have more examples that include multiple models, or shaders, textures in the scene and it will all work consistently. I loathe seeing a project come together where none of the art fits together. Then each artist wants to render their own scene with their lighting so they can make their own work look good. This is wrong in a team environment and it can be much simpler if you have someone who can light and shade and bring the team together. We need this. We need this for the company, for our work, for our industry. I am a person for that job. I know there are other lighting specialist out there, as well, and I call them family. We have a kinship for sure. We have a passion for the light, look, and feel. I would bet most of us have been generalist at one point or another since many of the aspects in 3D and Art need to be known to be a good "lighter".

I love lighting and I hope that is a place I can focus on in my career again. I do it in my own time now. but I would like to be doing it every day as much as possible. as the pirate saying goes.... a lighters life is the life for me.


Arnold Renderer in Maya

Arnold Shaders

So I made a simple set of shaders in Arnold for Maya in early 2017 I think it was. It was fun and really improved my creation time. The purpose I usually find is just to make life easier on a day to day basis rendering.


Go get this FREE shader set here and make your renders faster and easier.

Kitbashing in Maya and Zbrush

Zbrush IMMs

Kitbashing is a simple way to focus on design. Take the advantage and use the good models and combine these models into a new idea, a new form. This new combination is where your design comes in and can shine. I've modeled and shaded all these objects in Zbrush hand Maya and all the models are included. There are so many more combinations left for you to imagine using these so I was careful to make on example model only and I've left the pieces alone after that. I'm just leaving it up to you to see what you can imagine with these kitbash pieces and parts.


Go get all the sets here: