photography, kungfujackrabbit

So many photos and I can't stop from saying a bit about them.  First I have been fortunate to have been able to travel all over the world due to my job and the purpose was to take photos. Not for the sole reason, you may think though. Everywhere I traveled I would photo, document, measure/GPS locate and generally record as much of the environment as possible. Then when Id return my team of artists would rebuild all of that environment in 3D. These environments mainly used for training Military, law enforcement, and various international agencies of the like.

On these travels, I will regularly take 7,500 to 30,000 pictures each trip depending on the scale and the job. The images you see in this are all of my after-hours images that weren't for work. So just think Im not showing the main 100000 pictures I have been taking over the past 15 years. lol


Anyways I hope you enjoy seeing these places in the world from my point of view. Some of my favorites are the snake in australis and the lizard, and the castles in Scotland. And let's not forget the Sydney opera house or the multiple places in Japan, or climbing in California. Enjoy