230+ HDRI / Lighting / Rendering

With over 35 free HDRI and 175 more HDRI that are open to all those with a membership You cant go wrong getting lighting help here. Ive included several videos that go Step by step setting up your render in Maya with Arnold. And it also covers the HDRI settings and use of the Aces rendering color.

I mentioned Members well you can become a member on my Gumroad page and receive everything I offer on there today and forever with the lifetime membership. And pitching the membership its a lifetime membership and only $24. Thats a steal! And there is alot more.


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26 Zbrush Brushes, light caps, 180+IMMs (models)

Ok so I have a ton of models available for you to get to your designs faster! The point is to kitbash! What does that mean. You cram a bunch of premade models together and use this as a super fast design method as you come up with new designs.

After years of using Zbrush off and on I finally took the plunge and really looked into learning it as well as I know max and Maya. Ive been nothing less than impressed. Sure its different and doesnt run like a normal 3D app as far as the interface goes, but thats the point I think. Now that Ive take the time to get to know it I see it really is a Gem!

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12 Shaders currently in Arnold Set 01.

So I made a set of Shaders in Arnold after Autodesk removed MR. I love the Arnold renderer, and several others for that matter. The shaders make production that much faster allowing you time to just focus on design. Get your designs on paper so to speak and move quickly to the refinement stage. And since I just attended the Unreal Academy conference last week Im seeing a huge potential focus on the real time renderers as well.

As for future plans I hope to add more shaders in Arnold and then next is Substance, Renderman, Keyshot, Redshift, and Mental Ray. Maybe even Unreal but we will see on that.

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Time-saving Tools

I manage a studio of 3DVFX artists and I am an artist myself so I have requests for time-saving tools, shaders, lighting, and rendering

Sure we would all like a render pretty button, but after you have that button you realize that most all the realtime renders look the same. So then you begin to make it your own. And making things that are new and innovative is really just the culmination of other great things. So as one of my professors used to say...."Don't try and reinvent the wheel. Look at what others have done and if you can use the work and research of multiple other areas and combine them into something new that solves your problem.... then you have something."

Id like to add one more quote. It's from the movie called "Robots". "Find a need fill a need"

I really like this one and I think you can see where I use this saying. I see where production needs something and I look for a way to make it better, easier for the artist to keep on designing and not getting too caught up in the technical setup aspects of 3DVFX.


The things I make for my Gumroad members! Scripts, Shaders, Brushes, IMMs, and of course HDRI's.

Next get you some of my tools...

To receive all my time-saving tools for the 3DVFX Artist just become a member. You get HDRIs for lighting, scripts for Maya, Zbrush brushes, Shaders....