Okay, there is a lot I could cover here, but first Id like to say a little in an overview and then we will expand from there.

So first I’ve been making HDRI since around 2009 I think. Maybe earlier like 2006 I forget. It wasn’t always good and I do believe my HDRI now are pretty consistently of a high quality. I make them for free and for sale on Gum road. There are several free packs, but really I keep the membership cost low so you can become a member and get what I put on gumroad from now on its a lifetime membership. Always getting the latest and being a member also gets you access to the forum so you can tell me what you’d like to see more of.  https://gum.co/KFJRLifetimeMember

I create the HDR images using a Cannon MKII Camera with a fisheye lens. If you saw my Digital tutors tutorial back in 2011 I was using a chrome ball back then. Now the Fish Eye allows me to capture a range of image adjusting for the lighting and reflection in a scene to get the lightest and the darkest and eventually overlaying and combining all the photos into one large 10,000 x 5000 pixel image in the Lat Lon format. I stitch and combine using PT Gui Pro. I have a template I created after much trial and error. This allows me to plug in a set of images and “relatively easily” Stich them into a 32Bit image that allows the user to dial up and down on the exposure as they use the image to light their 3D scene.

Go to my tutorials page and I have 2 free videos taking you thru setting up a scene from scratch to use the HDRI in Maya. I could make one for keyshot, and Zbrush as well, but you would need to ask me.

Lets wrap this up I’ll list below thumbnails in a jpeg of the library of HDR Images I have made and I offer on gumroad https://gumroad.com/kungfujackrabbit