Eidetic memory

I just happened across this in wikipedia and its interesting. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photographic_memory

I remember things all the way back into childhood. Concentrating I fully see the horse field by my tree house where I lived when I was 4-6 years old. Not just the place but details like the way the yard was sloped. I still remember most of whne I fell out of the tree house on the barbed wire fence there. Looking down I remember it. I dont remember hitting the fence though. Probably better not to remember that. I remember conversations from college, and with old friends, most everything up to conversations at lunch yesterday with the guys from work. Remembering the waitress putting forks on the table and everyone using the chopsticks instead is easy. But think hard can you look around and see where people placed the wrappers from their chopsticks after they opened then? What direction did everyone lay the chopsticks on the soysauce dipping dish? Who took off their coat? I did, but ben didnt as he sat across from me.
Now I have to admit these details are not for everything I see, and the more hectic and stressfull life is, or work is, the less I notice. I guess there is only so much space in there to store useless data.
Whats all this mean? Nothing… Try me sometime though and see what i recall of a specific time you pick to test this out on.