Kungfujackrabbit, KFJR, HDRI, Zbrush

The Generalist

Soup to nuts ... Have you ever heard this saying? well, I'm a generalist so I do everything. That's what led me to be a Lead, then an Art Director, and now a Creative Director. I stay current in my skill set and I am always learning more technology. Im currently really getting versed in Unreal, Zbrush I really got into deep this year, and Im just beginning work in Facewaretech and motion capture.

I'm able to do a good number of focus areas. After all, I've been working at this since 1996. To answer any questions here is a basic list of the main areas of focus.

Modeling, Lighting, Texturing, Shading, Rendering, Rigging,  Animating, Compositing, Designing, Directing.

Traditional Art? Yes, of course, I can draw, paint etc.

Kungfujackrabbit, KFJR, HDRI, Zbrush

Whats the FOCUS?!?!

I love lighting and rendering in 3D. This is the area I stay in I go home and play with the tools, I test it I really just want to give the scene and characters in it the "life" I see in my head.

Kungfujackrabbit, KFJR, HDRI, Zbrush


I began schooling as an Architect. I studied  Architectural design, Interior Design, Product Design, Furniture Design. By the end of my 5 year degree Im not any one thing anymore I'm a "Designer"!

The things I make for my Gumroad members! Scripts, Shaders, Brushes, IMMs, and of course HDRI's.

I make things

I have a fully functional woodshop, I have worked in metal fabrication, 3D Design, Animation. All of these very different worlds of design like Architecture and Film.

Really I just love making things. If you have passion in your project, or if you'd like some contact me I am passionate about the work and it is contagious!

Unreal, VR, Motion Capture ..... ask me!

Ever thought of showing your work in real time in the Unreal Engine using VR. Well then ask me how and let's get your first project in there now!

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Call me

Your project needs immediate attention. Call me and lets kick it off!