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What have you done for me lately?
Here is the culmination of the latest things I’ve made for my members at Kungfujackrabbit studio on Gum road, and Cubebrush.
On CGChannel today we have …… kungfujackrabbit!
On CGChannel today we have …… kungfujackrabbit!
Unreal Academy
The Unreal Academy year one!
So I attended the first Unreal Academy this year in Raleigh NC and I must say I loved it. Several of the courses and Talks were “Hands on” [...]
A humble Artist can learn to be a great Artist
Artists are meant to continue learning. Did you know that? Well if you’ve been an artist for a while you probably already do. And many of you may [...]
How to be a professional 3D artist?
For each person, there is always 1 thing they will say. If you ask me I will say its WillPower. Because its what I believe was the core of how Ive made 3D [...]