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Garry Lewis , KFJR, 3DVFX, Wacom

Design Approach

College does something great for some people. I feel as though it did just that for me. My schooling, or rather my professors opened my mind. I attended Kansas State University Architecture program. I felt as if the Architecture and product design degree gave me everything I needed to start. The two key ingredients I've used and refined in my approach to design are Problem-solving and an open mind.

What does any of this mean? Well, it means I do fail and I keep trying. It also means If something doesn't work quite as I would like it so I will look into it more. I usually find a way to improve.  And as far as the method I use to get to the goal.....Refine, refine, refine!

My thoughts

Moving through the 3D VFX industry it has become clear to me that nothing is a for sure. You always need to work hard, not try hard, but work hard. In fact, I believe you need to work harder than everyone around you. If you want any chance of being the best. Hell, you need to work like hell just to make it some days. And if you feel like you not making a difference...then fix that. To make a difference its up to you to get out do more and basicly do whatever it takes.

For me, I plan to continue making things that help you in production. Look for more in the way of coding and scripting tools coming in the future. Oh and of course more ZBrush stuff and more HDRI, Lighting, and shaders!


It takes so much to describe a person. Lets get to know each other and make it work well.

Garry E. Lewis

Design 3D VFX artist 


My official title at work is Creative Director. I manage a group of 3d artists who create virtual models of locations from all over the world. The best part of this is that i am able to travel to each of these locationto first gather photography and spatial information so they can rebuild it in 3D. They accomplish this by using game engines such as Cry engine, and Unreal 4. Our department is responsible for all visuals in the system of record for the US Army, and the US Marine Corp in 2017-18....

I've worked my way up thru several studios where I began as a 3d VFX artist. I began my career with a degree in Architecture and Product Design. During my internship with sports stadium architects Heinlein & Schrock I began fulltime work in 3D.

I graduated with a Bachelors Degree from Kansas State Universtiy. The degree is Interior architecture and Product design. Within this degree, I studied product illustration, furniture design and actually can build things in the shop. I'll have a woodworking page on here eventually for those of you interested in 3D of this sort.

After graduation, I moved to Los Angeles and worked for Knoll Furniture (Western Offices). I designed 3D models of their furniture layouts and taught their cad dept how to model and render for realism. I also made custom software for the sales team to integrate their sales list with their cad tool to display all the items they would need for each build layout.

I moved over to Digital Firepower on a contract basis next. I worked on the feature film "Dungeons and Dragons". I worked several other freelance jobs in LA before taking an offer for Fulltime work and benefits in Kansas City.

I worked at Fearless Eye Animation in Kansas City for a couple of years building Sprint Cell phones, and Sports stadiums and doing a lot of animation and motion graphics.

I left fearless eye to write "Maya 5 Fundamentals" for New Riders Publishing.

Around the same time, I took a job as a demo artist for Discreet for Siggraph 2001. I demoed character studio and Max animation in the expo.

Next, I took a position as the Lead artist at Shepherds Pie over in Atlanta. We were making a children's animated feature called Summer camp. I left before the project was completed and the feature was later shut down and never released. Too bad I worked with several really great artist there I still remain in contact with today. Luckily we all moved on to better places.

Just down the street from my home in the suburbs of Atlanta, I found a position I figured just to tide me over before I could find a spot back in feature work. Fats or Fire Arms Training Systems was the name of the place. I began as the Senior artist. Little did I know Id stay here and move up to art Director and then finally Creative Director. Fats was purchased and our name changed to Meggitt Training Systems. I've been with the company since 2004 so currently, I've been working here for 14 years. We build 3D terrains, vehicles and characters for games engines such as Cry, and Unreal 4 plus several more not as well known outside of the simulation industry. We essentially create very large video games and the company creates realistic weapons to shoot at those video game-like graphics to train the military, police, and others all around the world. Luckily this position has sent me all over the world to document and photograph locations I then direct my team of 3DVFX artist to recreate in a virtual 3D environment.

That's where I am right now. I'm thinking of what I'll be doing next. So if you're still reading here and you know of a place looking for a guy like me to work on features I'm ready to sidestep back in that direction.  Look in my software and skills area and you'll see it is chocked full of Zbrush, Maya, substance, Unreal, FaceWareTech and essentially anything else I have had time to bring into the business and pipeline in my current position. As well as all the lighting software and HDRI work I do in my off hours.

Next up..

As with all art and artists I need you, and you need me.  So please take a look around my work on the site here. Then when your ready get a hold of me to talk over your project!