Steal Like A VFX Pro
Realism and Rendering for Real life!

Learn to use the power of capturing reality of photogrametry , and HDRI and integrating this into your pipeline.

Online course:

Are you struggling to keep up with the demands of quality and meeting the budgets of the VFX industry? Well the answer has been here with us for awhile. We have only to use the tools available and steal from real life what we can then focus our time savings on the really imaginative portion of the project!

So the goal of VFX is to have the most realistic looking work, but spend the least amount of time on it as possible. Oh and you  have to have a pipeline that reliable so you can replicate it ever time. Wow that is a tall order. So thats what your going to learn. You’ll photograph images of items in the real world and convert it using special techniques in photogrammetry and essentially steal the look of the real object. Then youll take images of the lighting in an area and steal the light of that environmeent to place in your own 3D world and all this in the time a real production facility will allow…. or maybe less time and that means what….? Coffee break of course! Unless you drink tea that is.

The course Includes the following:

4 modules with a live session once a week where you are directly in contact with the instructor and your fellow classmates.

Each week includes several and in some cases “many” Training videos you can follow along with and all the files that go along with the projects are included. But lets not make it too many videos since we want to help you keep up.

Free materials used to make the examples plus many that you can reuse, combine, reorder, change, whatever you want to make multiple projects during and after the course.