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So there you have it. And the question you might have next is where is the focus? Well It was HDRI, but now I plan to begin transitioning this to the courses.  Im following what members want and ask for. As long as it aligns with my passions that is.

Oh and eventually I will start releasing the Python tools I’ve been working on. Some days its just to much to develop and then to sell it. Please write me with any questions or requests you have I do enjoy working on new requests.


Training videos and live sessions are included in this course see link for more…..


Gumroad Shop

Gumroad specific product links:

Kungfujackrabbit Membership

Arnold Shader set for Maya


On Gum road I have loaded several product types let me explain.

  1. The main focus is the membership where you join my group and let me know the things that would make your work better and faster. So far my focus began with HDRI to better your lighting and scene integration of a 3D object into a realistic scene.
  2. There is also several sets of Zbrush brushes I have placed on gumroad in my store and within Michael Dunnams.
  3. Then there are Arnold Shaders. a set Ive created of basic materials to help right when Autodesk dumped mental ray I had to do something for production and since I felt like it was safe to say autodesk has switched gears and officially sset forth in a direction I learned Arnold. ( But Autodesk now seems to not have its mind made up. Well done Autodesk, Way to muck it up)
  4. So next there are several tutorials giving you explicit details on Arnold in Maya and leading you into getting a working render that I think youll be happy with very quickly!

Cubebrush Shop

On Cubebrush its currently just a mirror of my work on Gumroad, but I know some people just prefer one site over another so i loaded both the same.  I even plan to soon launch a membership on Cube brush similar to my other membership program on Gum road.