Keeping an up to date reel and portfolio is usually an issue for all artist. Why you ask? Well because in production at a studio you cant always show all your work to the public and sometimes you don’t want to. Please don’t take that the wrong way its not because the work isn’t worthy, but rather that a good artist maintains many styles and is required to do many different types of ART. In my case some of  the work I’ve done just doesn’t fit what I feel my portfolio should be focused on. I would like to focus on lighting and rendering and a lot of my art direction work is shown in the final form of a Game engine. So I choose to separate the game engine work and the render engine work so as to not confuse the issue of quality of render. We use the Cry engine at my job and while it looks great some times since we are running real time simulations of weapons the quality of the graphics needs to be reduced.