This is a recap of the past studio I’ve worked in.

Starting with the current Meggitt Training Systems (Formerly FATS)
Meggitt is a military marksmanship training simulation company. I’m the studio manager and Art Director and Ive been so since 2004. In this position I travel to places domestic and internationally and photograph the area and take other information I then use to relay to my team members in order to rebuild the area within a 3D Virtual world. We use this to accurately represent the real places in the world and allow the training to simulate multiple scenarios and thus train people for multiple threats.

Before that we have shepherds Pie
I privately funded full feature film called “Summer camp”
In the end I left this studio and they closed down not long after. Too bad really since the summer camp feature was pretty cool and I enjoys animated films.

Lets skip back now to Fearless Eye
Fearless was the largest animation studio in Kansas City for some time boasting large coorporate, tv, news, and sports contracts. While there I worked in 3D, Visual effects, and motion graphics.