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“Arnold Quick Lighting Setup” Part 1                                                              Posted 05/01/2017

Video training!
In this 10 minute tutorial video learn to add HDRI.
And integrate your 3D model into an HDRI lighting scene!

Plus this tutorial is FREE.

Plus I have a free set of shaders for Arnold. Get them here:

Plus there are 2 Free sets of HDRI here:
And I would ask you to take note that within this super short amount of time 10 minutes you’ll get right to the point of rendering your image!

Start your Downloading!

Would you like to know more?

So lets talk a little now about Arnold and Autodesk. Maya dropped Arnold in as the new pro renderer solution in 2017 and now 3Dmax has it as well. I’ll admit at first I thought WTH! But I took it upon myself to jump in and start learning Arnold and I’ve found I like it. So I’ll cover how to get my HDRIs into Maya and Arnold and we will expand the training videos from there. I hope you like the fast nature and straight forward techniques I’m showing you in order to not waste yours or my time. After all I expect you’ll need this if you want to get up to speed in a professional environment.

Future planned videos you ask?

Well I’ll do the same thing and tell you as concisely as I can how to get rendering quick in several more packages. Immediately as in TOMORROW, Hint Hint! I’ll be releasing another video taking the rendering a little farther.

Arnold Quick Lighting Setup Part 2 – How to use my HDRI Series

I’m probably going to cover Keyshot, and Vray next and I might cover each of these in both max and Maya. Maybe? It depends on the feedback I get. So speak up.


The XMD Challenge – Posted 12/07/2016

The video below was produced near the start of the contest and its now only 3 days from the finish deadline. Wow times flown by. As one of the contest organizers we have found the time filled for Michael and I mainly with organizing and preparing for the finished prizes. As I mention prizes it dawns on me that the prizes have turned out bigger and better than some would have though, that is for being our first contest. Some of the highlights are a copy of zbrush, a 1 year subscription to Gnomon’s online training, a six month subscription to Gnomon’s online training, A course at UArtsy, and there are more. But as I mention those Im pretty happy to be bringing this type cool prizes to our Artist Community. We hoped to get enough participation to run the contest and I feel we have really surpassed my original goals in that. I will elaborate to say that we had over 100 contestants and within the online forum following all these artists entries there has been a ton of great ideas and great art. So as this wraps up for anyone out there reading this I hope you enjoyed the contest and if you didn’t participate please do so by at least saying something to the contestants on the forum. Congratulate them on doing well, on finishing, or maybe just on trying! We worked really hard on this and I’m planning to do a wrap up video once the winners are selected by the panel of judges. So stay tuned for that video and I’ll try and make it something fun and different


Video below from 11/2016