I’ll cover step by step how i set up a quick render scene and get the Arnold Renderer in Maya to start showing a result. As you may know already the Arnold renderer is now included as the default high end render solution. But out of the box just placing in a box  and hitting render isn’t going to do much except give you a black rendered frame. This is just due to Arnold being picky and wants to use its own lights so if you already have a scene setup with lighting be prepared to replace the lights to use Arnold specific. Its not a real bad thing though. As far as comparing it to Mental Ray and Vray ….Arnold I’ve found is a really good renderer.

I must admit I wouldn’t have necessarily had an open mind and jumped ship from Mental Ray and Vray if Autodesk hadnt made such a big change and forced it. But I did take on the task of looking at Arnold with an open mind. I realize most of you out there will most likely have some angst to the rendering switch so I recommend stepping back and doing it with an open mind. It made the change go really well for me. I’m known for being a little angry at times so I could have stomped my feet and Id probably still not know Arnold…lol

Now that Im beginning to be pretty fond of the new package I think its time  stop chatting and give you the video tutorial below.



I’ll also include more info such as links



And the free shader pack I offer is located here.