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Visual Effects compositing and lighting, lighting work flows in 3D and real world, HDR Image Creation, Project Management, Maya, Max, Z Brush, Photoshop, After effects, Nuke, Red camera workflow, Cannon 5D workflow.

Summary of Qualifications:
I’ve worked in the 3D industry professionally since 2000 focusing on 3D for film, video, and gaming. I’ve managed 3D Artists and engineers for the past 15 years creating game levels and compositing 3D visual effects. My departments have always ran smoothly and efficiently, except when they don’t. Now that is a truthful statement! And in troubled times I calmly work on the situation and fix it with my team. My role and responsibilities have steadily grown over my career and continue to do so in my current position.

Work experience:
Meggitt Training Systems Suwanee, Georgia 2008 – Present
Creative Director
* Overall vision and direction of 3D Art and Technical aspects are my responsibility.
* I maintain the scheduling and budget for the 3D Visual Effects department for Meggitt Training Systems.
* I oversee the artwork on specific projects such as new development.
* For daily projects I rely on a Lead 3D Artist and a Senior 3D Artist that assist in the multitude of projects we have in the department.
* I also run yearly Research and Development projects that are internally funded by the company.
* This internal R&D project allows me to propose new directions in technology and graphics.
* The latest achievement my team has made in this research was to set up and use a new game engine along with our existing technologies.
* The existing technology mainly consisted of integration of our real world mechanical guns used on our simulator.
* My department has successfully introduced this new engine into the core product line, which is dramatically changing the product line of the company.

Fire Arms Training Systems Suwanee, Georgia 2004 – 2008
Art Director
* Fats was bought by Meggitt so that’s why the dates overlap.
* I began at Fats as Lead artist and quickly moved to Art Director, and eventually turned Creative Director.
* The size of our team has greatly increased as well as the amount of work we are responsible for.
* My job has evolved more into that a designer and project manager.

Sheperds Pie Productions Norcross, Georgia 2003 – 2004
Lead 3D Artist
* Summer Camp – unreleased –  animated Feature.
* I have a large amount of nurbs models and poly and texture work I myself and my team created.
* The story for this film was really cool for a kid’s story.
* I’ll am able to show examples upon request, but I cannot release any imagery online publicly.

Events Seats Kansas City, Missouri 2002 – 2002
3d Project Manager
* Defined user experience for 3D stadium seating.
* Pipelined how to create sports stadiums quickly and efficiently.
* Oversaw schedule and asset creation from 3D Artists.

Fearless Eye Kansas City, Missouri 2001 – 2002
3D visual effects artist
* Clients included Sprint Fox news etc.
* Fearless Eye Animation opened a side business called events seats a year into my working there.
* I worked in the same office with additional responsibilities as I switched to the Event Seats company and gained the title of 3D project manager.

Discreet Santa Monica, California 2001 – 2001
Discreet Demo Artist – Siggraph
* Demo Artist for Discreet at Siggraph 2001 in L.A.
* We started with a week or less of boot camp at the Discreet office in Santa Monica.
* Then at the Siggraph conference I demonstrated canned demos in Max4, Character Studio, and minimal Combustion projects.
* As needed to answer specific questions I provided examples of the numerous capabilities of 3D Studio Max.
* Character studios animation capabilities were a big pull for my demo station.

Digital Firepower Hollywood, California 2000 – 2000
3D Artist
* Visual Effects for Sprint corporation promotional and instructional videos, Commencials.
* Website creation, video editing and compositing.
* Modeling, Texturing, Lighting of scenes in Film Dungeons and Dragons.

Western office interiors Commerce, California 2000
contract 3D Artist
* Taught 3D pipeline to the Art department.
* Oversaw the website creation on a technical basis.
* Created cd business cards with flash animated content for each sales team member.
* Created an application to pull up AutoCAD and populate the desired options in a system for the sales personnel.


Bachelors of Interior Architecture, Product Design         Kansas State University Manhattan, Kansas 1996 – 2000

Johnson County Community College Overland Park, Kansas 1994 – 1996
Transfer to Kansas State University
Gwinnett Technical College Lawrenceville, Georgia2010 – 2010
Project management – MS Project
* MS Project – Certification – Gwinnett Technical College
Fundamentals course completed
Advanced course completed
FX PHD online school Sydney, Australia 2011 – 2011
FX PHD spring term

* Digital Tutors Creative development series artist 2011
* Lead large scale projects as Creative Director such as 3 years building the country of Singapore in extreme detail
* Author of Maya book
* Technical Author of Maya book
* Discreet Demo artist at Siggraph
* President Student Council – School of Interior Architecture 1999-2000
* On set VFX supervisor, HDRI creation, RED camera workflow, and Cannon 5D camera operation experience. Technical VFX Artist and general fix it director
* Deans Advisory Committee 1999-2000

* Motion Graphics of Los Angeles Group (member)
* Kansas City Animators and Graphic Artists (KCAGA)

Licenses and Certifications:
* • Project management MS Project – Certification – Gwinnett Technical College