Garry E. Lewis : Kungfujackrabbit
I am a 3D VFX Artist currently managing a 3DVFX dept at Meggitt Training Systems. I’ve been a Creative Director & Art Director here for since 2004. Ive been working in the VFX Industry since 1998, and became a professional in 2000. My expertise rests in lighting, rendering and compositing for VFX. But Im a generalist at heart since I enjoy any problem solving that presents itself to me.

Kungfujackrabbit Studio work:
I’ve produced HDRI for a number of years now and I’m happy to say Im releasing multiple sets of HDRI as well as revisiting some of the locations I have made HDRI light probes from in the past. Several include ones like the fields from the tutorial I made for Digital Tutors and several locations in Atlanta and Los Angeles. All of these will be included in the kungfujackrabbit Studio subscription. Look for HDRI, Shaders, light caps, Zbrush custom brushes all in the Store area of the site here. store

Career overview:
I started my career working in the Architecture industry over a couple of summers and an internship at Heinlein Schrock. After graduating I found a freelance job (Western offices) that took me and my wife and daughter to L.A. I took on some film work at Digital Firepower while I was there but family wise I needed a more stable job than “job jumping” from project to project. So I hopped back to K.C. and worked with Fearless Eye Animation for a couple years.  I left the studio to write a Maya fundamentals book for New Riders publishing and do freelance work for my own home studio Minds Eye 3D. After having enough work over holidays and long weekends I went back to work for a studio in Atlanta called Shepherds Pie. That one didn’t turn out how I expected, but I learned what an independently funded animated movie was like from one perspective. So I left the studio in search of work back in Los Angeles. A week later I found FATS right down the street from where I lived at the time. And they were looking for an Art Director. I had been the Lead on several projects in past studios already and all of the work at the last one for Shepherds Pie so I took the position. Fats name stands for Fire Arms Training Systems. They make simulation trainers to train Military and law enforcement all over the world. They were eventually bought by Meggitt and I am still there. I have spent the last few years traveling all over the world for them recreating the environments where they train. Its been a great position for travel and also In the past two years my team has been directly responsible for creating all the ranges and environments every Soldier in the U.S Army and every Marine will train on this program for the next 10 years. We just completed this work so I am open for my next project!

Daily job life:
My daily work includes managing the department attending meetings and watching over the scheduling of resources, the project planning, the design, and overall studio workings. On the whole there is very little hands on artwork I get to do anymore due to the large amount of management work. But overall that is ok since its a full filling job role and I enjoy managing the people, working with them on their training, and yearly goals and generally making the department better as a whole. There is a lot more to my daily work that I may include in here at some point, but for today I leave it as it stands.

Scouting life:
I also lead scouts with my Sons every week and I did with my middle Daughter when she was of Venturing age. I was a Life scout and part of the Order of the Arrow as a youth. I have been in scouting as an adult for the past 6 years and Im now in the OA as an adult. We attend meetings every monday night and I act as an ASM for the patrols. I also lead several activities during the year such as a Kayaking trip, climbing trips and summer camp. Keepin it busy and gaining skills!