Work isn’t helpful for keeping a regular portfolio. Much of the work , all the work, is for military for the past 13 years. So this is just a way for me to do something with a limited amount of time after hours. I make these shots for the cover ads of HDRI sets I make and sell. Each one is about 10 minutes to 3 hours worth of work. As far as portfolios go this will have to suffice. If you really want to get an idea all I know and do as an Art director ……You’ll have to just look deeper. Maybe watch my tutorials….. I love to light, and I love to render. And I can model most anything you ask for. Im passionate about doing this and I’m looking for the right place to continue growing as an artist and mentoring those who need what I know. Maybe design wise we will find our way together. Hokey, but I don’t care.

Hope you enjoy the images.


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