How to be a professional 3D artist?

For each person, there is always 1 thing they will say. If you ask me I will say its WillPower. Because its what I believe was the core of how Ive made 3D into my career. But as everyone should realize after a moments reflections it that it takes a multitude of things and many people to help you as you go. But dont let that lead you astray……You are the one at he core that needs to stay focused on the path. Keep after it, Work hard. Work harder than the guy or gal next to you. Go home and work on it more until your really exceptional. Then you will stand a chance at getting into the industry. Maybe even staying in the industry. Never think anyone else is not helping you enough. It is up to you. Don’t turndown help though. That’s not what Im saying. accept all the help you can get, but never become lazy. Or believe your entitled.


Let’s start with that. There is more, but you need to get rolling on this first.