New Photos in the desert!

Ive been taking photos in the desert, and Im happy to be able to share them with you here. I'll start with a photo from last night and im sure they wil come faster as I go along. For now a little description. Ive spent the last two evenings bouldering in the Joshua tree forest near 29 Palms california. The climbing has been great. Some of the spots arent to safe, but nothing will make you queezy. For that you had to be there and run around in the high desert as it start =s to drop in temperature. Great place. Enjoy.

New website layout to accompany a new tutorial!

Welcome to the newly remodeled home of Kungfujackrabbit Studio by Garry Lewis. This new layout should provide an easier avenue to display new tutorials and load free HDRI and Zbrush brushes with a little more speed and ease.

Tutorials Section update

Zbrush tutorial

Tutorials This is just a quick little "trick" i like to use to create models. Time from start to finish can be pretty quick, as in a matter of 10 minutes some times. Dont tell the manager though because he will expect all models in this timely fashion. Since I am the manager at the 3DVFX dept where I work I offer this trick up to make things faster. I'll run through each step but if you have any questions please contact me. I really enjoy talking 3d and delving into techniques and processes. Pretty much geekin out on this stuff. Enjoy...

The street man hole cover is a typical high res asset ready for rendering in a composite scene. But Id suggest running it thru the decimater in ZBrush and cleaning it up in maya before exporting to Cry engine or Unreal. Thats a tutorial for another day possibly. Please be sure to write in for tutorial topics.

Lions and Tigers and Lens flares oh my!

JJ Abrams brought it back, can it be in your reel now?


Camera operations and movement

Another fun part of this activity was figuring out how the hell will be be moving the subject to get the light to react in the way we want? Well we used handguns for the subject matter and we were able to set up a clamp on top of a Manfroto fluid head tripod. This was really growing into more than a two man job. After all the camera operator was running the red EPIC and dialing in focus all by himself and checking for lighting issues.. So that left me to strap a light on my head place another between my teeth and then smoothly dial the tripods two dials smoothly. Not as easy as it sounds! Enjoy the behind the scenes pics and laugh all you like....we did.